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Bullseye Malayalam Movie Download

by tualletzsetzmisc, 2 days ago


Eight contestants have to hit the Bullseye through a series of challenging obstacles. If you liked Fear Factor and/or Wipeout this is a show for you. Ordinary people being tested to their limits of skill and bravery. Unlike other contest shows this on really puts the contestants out of their comfort zone and their is a real possibility of injury. I loved it! Sign me up! Stunts in the air, on the ground, under water and at high speed, sooner or later every contestant gets challenged. Quite a creative (or sick) mind is behind these stunts. What do they have a group of stunt men in a room thinking these stunts up? Good job. I especially like the diversity of all the stunts. I like that all of the contestants appear to be average guys and gals, on professional athletes. Although an all pro, all military show would also be entertaining as long as they compete against other pro athletes and military. Honestly, I don't like reality shows, but I haven't seen one as bad as this. I give it less than a season before it gets canned. The first episode, which I couldn't even make it through, consisted of 20 solid minutes of people getting tied to a helicopter and attempting to drop objects on targets 100 feet below. It was a thrilling time of watching people miss the target over and over...and over again. Then I caught a glimpse of them diving into a pool trying to fish out floating targets harnessed to the bottom...and then I gave up. Because at that point they weren't even hitting targets. The show barely lives up to its name, and it seems like they're trying to revive some God-awful remake of "Fear Factor." Don't waste your time. a5c7b9f00b

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